Headgear and other type of braces

Braces are available in varied sizes and shapes. This, therefore, should make you more satisfied after you learn that traditional braces are not the only choice available for you. Braces are in constant improvement and there are those that are so discreet such that it’s very difficult to spot them unless you have a handy dental mirror.

There are different types of braces which will nicely fit your needs and help in aligning your teeth into an ideal alignment and in the best way possible. From the available types of braces, there are definitely those braces that are more appropriate compared orthodontic conditions. The following are the common types of braces and the situations in which they can be used.

Headgear Braces

These appliances are made of stainless steel Facebow and nylon strap attached on top of your head. This is mostly used to realign jaws or teeth. This is partially worn outside the mouth. It is meant to apply some gentle force on the parts of your mouth to allow application of braces. Whenever you require some space in your mouth to allow the braces to function, a headgear would be so important. For more in-depth information about headgear braces I suggest reading  this article: https://invisalignexpressbraces.com/headgear-braces/


Invisalign is one of the common and a highly effective system of invisible braces in today’s market. Although they are not the most appropriate for every patient, they’re associated with a huge number of benefits. Some of the benefits include the ability to completely remove the treatment and clean the aligners and teeth when necessary. They are necessarily invisible and whenever a patient gets used to putting them, they enjoy more comfort compared to metal braces.

Invisalign is known to be more expensive compared to metal braces, although the system does not give solutions to severe orthodontic conditions. Invisalign is the best choice for individuals looking forward to more flexible treatment and fairly standard teeth alignment.

Self Ligating Braces

Just like ceramic braces and traditional metal, self-ligating braces utilizes wire and bracket system. It is a type of braces used by most of the orthodontist today, although there those who are still using the traditional system. These braces utilize doors or clips which can perfectly hold the wire instead of the rubber bandtie system. These braces should hold less food and at the same time be less painful. They should be able to lower the number of trips a patient has to make to the orthodontist.

Self-ligating braces are available in both ceramic and metal versions, although they are not likely to be effective for every patient; they help to lower the period of treatments. They may not offer all the features required by a patient to have the best orthodontic treatment.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are usually attached on the lingual part of the teeth. 0ne cannot easily see them, but they are the best at strengthening teeth from inside. They are highly effective just like the traditional placed braces, whether ceramic or metal. Actually, it is difficult to see it from outside the mouth.

Lingual braces can be spotted whenever the wearer opens their mouth. They are less intrusive and are likely to be noticed in front of teeth compared to the wires and brackets.

Well, they are associated with some negativities and this renders them inappropriate to most of the patients. Also, they may make it difficult to talk. Just like orthodontic treatments, they are associated with a learning curve for speech, although lingual braces are known as being difficult compared to other types of braces.

Lingual braces are not the best for individuals with severe conditions of orthodontic that require an extensive mode of treatment. Since they take longer and are relatively expensive compared to traditional braces, most of the patients do not opt to undergo this kind of a treatment.

Metal Braces

They are also referred to as the traditional braces. Metal braces come with two primary components. It includes brackets usually applied on the teeth and bendable metal wires which are usually threaded by use of brackets to input some pressure on the teeth and perfectly align them. Metal braces are mostly worn by the teenagers, since they are less expensive, and is the fastest method of aligning teeth on their appropriate locations.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are known as being the most popular and used as an alternative for the metal braces. The reason is that brackets were built from ceramic materials that have similar color and texture to that of the teeth. This, therefore, makes ceramic brackets very difficult to see them through the teeth. Most of the orthodontists make use of wire with the same color as those of the patient’s teeth; therefore, it becomes very difficult to see the entire treatment.

Ceramic braces are provided by a significant number of orthodontist today. Although they are believed to be more expensive compared to the traditional braces, they are not easily noticeable and provides faster treatment to patients.

Just like the normal teeth, brackets are likely to stain if a patient is not keen on a cleaning schedule. Metal wires and ceramic braces are believed to have a similar discomfort just like that of the traditional metal braces.