Look For the Best Treatment for Cavities

One should maintain clean and hygienic mouth. Oral hygiene is need of the today’s world. Basically it has become important due to our unhealthy food eating and improper care of our mouth and tooth. Oral hygiene is regularly keeping one’s mouth and tooth clean and free from disease and other harmful organisms. This can be achieved by the means of proper brushing and cleaning of our tooth and space between them. Oral hygiene is important on the regular basis to prevent our tooth from various infection and dental problems such bad breath, cavity, gum problem and many others. If one maintain the good oral hygiene it will ultimately reflects your good personality and your mouth will smell good.

Dental problems are best avoided when both the patient and dental team are cooperative and work together this will lead to an effective treatment and prevention from other several problems. In 21st century there are several dental problems but the leading and affecting all age groups people is tooth decay or as we say commonly cavity. Cavity is the decaying of the tooth, this occurs due to the development and growing of specific type of bacterial organism which produces acid. The acid produce in higher concentration will lead to the destruction of the tooth upper layer that is enamel including the lower layer which is called dentin. Tooth decay can be diagnosed by the sign and symptoms that include toothache, sensitivity of the tooth to the cold or hot eating food or drinks. The severity of the cavity can be examined by the help of x-ray of that particular tooth to know how deep the depletion of the layer is.

Cavities can treated by dentist based upon the damaged caused some time the damage is major that the nerve endings become exposed directly to organisms causing more pain. Treatments done in reputed clinics such as Dental hospitals in Kondapur are given below:

  • Root canal- pulp in tooth become infected leading to severe pain then this pulp is removed by professional. As the nerve ending do not have any major role so removing it will not affect the body as its only function is sensitivity and sensation of hot and cold.
  • Crowning- it is done when the tooth become break able then it is repaired with the help of a crown which helps in restoring the tooth at its original gum line. With the help of crown the odds of losing the tooth minimizes. Crown is also used in combination of the bridge.
  • Filling- this is done by filling the cavity by amalgam mix type substance to prevent the bacteria entering it. Is should be kept in mind that better the filling is the best effect and less pain you will feel. Filling is only effective in prior stages of cavity when it is not deep.
  • Extraction- when tooth decay has become sever and cannot be treated with any other method then it must be removed to cure the patient from pain. In place of the left space dental implant surgery can be considered.

So above are the treatments which are done. Although, proper prevention and caring should be taken to prevent your tooth from dental problems and maintain a hygiene oral health.