The Advantages of the Teeth in a Day Procedure for Tooth Replacement

Back in the days, people who suffer tooth loss have only a few limited options open to them. If they can’t go for surgical operations, the other limited options were bridges and dentures. If, on the other hand, they were a right candidate for cosmetic surgery, then the best tooth replacement option would be dental implants. Unlike dentures that have to be removed daily for cleaning, dental implants are natural looking and permanent solution to teeth loss. Today, there are various kinds of cosmetic surgeries available to individuals all thanks to advancements in technology. One such procedure that’s fast gaining popularity as an efficient tooth replacement technique is ‘teeth in a day’.

Is There a Difference between Teeth in a Day and Dental Implants?

One of the reasons why dental implants quickly gained popularity was because they provide a natural looking yet permanent solution to tooth replacement issues. Prior to the development of dental implants, we had limited options. These include creating a bridge or denture. In either case, these teeth replacement options don’t last long, hence they are only temporary solutions. With dental implants, patients can get relief knowing that their missing teeth would be replaced with quality porcelain teeth, firmly attached to the jaw bone

Since the implants have a firm root, patients no longer had to worry about removing the appliances for cleaning. What’s more, dental implants serve the same purpose as your natural teeth. As such, you could take care of them properly in the same manner as your natural teeth. One downside to this teeth replacement options is the wait time. During the early days of dental implant surgery, patients will have to wait for some time for the jaw bone to heal. Also, the metal rods needs time to sit tightly for a perfect fit. If not, the entire procedure wouldn’t have wasted as much time.

As a matter of fact, dental implants procedure would not have taken more than a few hours as opposed to weeks or months. The delay and downtime of this procedure brought about a newer, faster and more effective teeth replacement procedure known as teeth in a day.

How Does Teeth in A Day Work

The procedures for both dental implants and teeth in a day are performed in the same manner. It involves rooting metal posts into the jaw bone. Teeth in a day treatment procedure take no longer than 12 hours as compared to the elongated duration for dental implants. This is because there is no time allotted for healing. However, this procedure can only be performed on patients with healthy jawbones. Hence, individuals with weak or infected jawbones are no candidate for this procedure. This is because it takes less time for a healthy bone to heal than one that has already been infected. Equally impressive is the fact that you can get new sets of teeth in just one day hence the name. Also, downtime is minimal as compared to other techniques.