The Health Problems Resulting From Poor Dental Hygiene


Poor dental health results in more than a crooked smile, a foul smell, and lost teeth. Without proper dental care, your health is at risk. Unfortunately, this is one of those self-sabotage cases and no personal injury lawyer Vancouver will come to your help.

Aching teeth, bleeding gums, and bad breath are indicators of poor dental health. These arise because of bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria on your teeth feed on food residue on teeth and gums when you don’t brush or floss. The bacteria will cause tooth decay and also get into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, all bad things happen,

  • Cardiovascular teeth

Poor dental health increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. It all begins with the inflamed gums and bacteria that cause periodontal disease. If untreated, the bacteria get into your bloodstream forming plague which results in the hardening of arteries. The hardening is atherosclerosis a serious heart condition that results in blood flow problems, blockages, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. The risk of stroke and endocarditis increase, they are both fatal.

  • Respiratory infections

You can breathe the bacteria in the mouth and the gums into the lungs or, the bacteria can travel through the bloodstream to the lungs where it causes respiratory diseases like acute bronchitis, pneumonia, or COPD.

  • Dementia

Who would have thought that poor dental health affects your mental health? See, it actually does. Bacteria and other substances released from the inflamed and infected gums have the potential to kill brain cells leading to eventual memory loss. Other than dementia, poor dental health, which results in gingivitis, may also cause Alzheimer’s disease as the bacteria travel to the central nervous system or the brain cells through the bloodstream.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes is on top of every lifestyle disease because almost everything you do wrong results in diabetes. Poor dental health has this effect too because it makes diabetic even more susceptible to infections. The untreated periodontal disease makes it harder to control diabetes, and the symptoms can worsen because the blood sugar levels will get out of control when you have gum disease. Therefore, it is important for people with diabetes to take extra care of their dental hygiene to avoid worsening of symptoms and possible hospitalizations.

Anyone with poor dental health is at risk of developing diabetes because of the infection that results in the fluctuating blood sugar levels.

  • Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction

Wondering how poor dental health causes infertility and erectile dysfunction? Well, gum diseases make it harder for women to conceive or sustain pregnancies.

On the other hand, chronic periodontitis causes erectile dysfunction. This is common in individuals with severe gum disease that the gums pull away from the teeth. When the gums pull away, they create pockets that carry bacteria. Since the teeth and the blood vessels are closer, the bugs travel to the bones that surround the teeth. The bacteria also get into the bloodstream causing inflammations that block blood flow to the genitals.

Finally, the bugs from poor dental hygiene can cause pregnancy complications, cancer, kidney disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.