Why Is Root Planning and Scaling Necessary for Your Teeth

In order to prevent gum diseases such as periodontal and gingivitis, it is essential that you properly and regularly get your teeth cleaned. In case your brushing techniques are not proper, you will start to notice plaque forming on the gum line of your teeth. This is not a sign of good oral health hygiene.

When plaque forms, you cannot remove it by brushing or flossing. You need to give your dentist a visit for a scaling and planning appointment. This is a non-surgical process, which requires plaque or tartar to be removed. In case if you ignore this treatment, you might start to see indications of gum disease starting to appear. These diseases can be in the form of bad breath, bleeding and swollen gums.

When such signs start to appear, your dentist may recommend you undergo planning and scaling.

What is Scaling

Calculus and plaque that is attached to the surface of the tooth are easily removed by scaling. The method of scaling precisely targets the region below the gum line as well as the area along the root. Your dentist will use a tool called an ultrasonic scaling tool for the scaling process. With the help of this instrument, the region under the gums will be effectively moistened from an antimicrobial agent. in doing so, all the bacteria existing  will be eliminated.

What is Root Planning

In case if there are surface dentin and cementum embedded with undesirable tartar, microorganisms and toxins, the procedure of root planning gets rid of all these unwanted pests right from the teeth. The method of root planning involves the tooth’s root to be smoothened out, thereby promoting its healing and curtailing the bacteria to build up in the nearby future.

Why Is Scaling and Root Planning Necessary for Your Teeth

In the case of nearly every gum disease, the root cause is the formation of plaque. Plaque is a solid bacteria film that initiates due to teeth not being cleaned thoroughly and properly. This is one of the reasons why you should be aware of proper brushing techniques. Ask your dentist to teach you the correct way to brush and floss so you are able to take care of your teeth the right way.

With the formation of plaque, the gums starts residing from the teeth. This leads to the creation of spaces in which the plaque is easily trapped. Once trapped, it is next to impossible to brush the plaque away. You will have to schedule a scaling appointment with your dentist. If the plaque is left untreated, it will eventually lead to bone and tooth loss.

If you are facing sensitive, bleeding or swollen gums, it is wise to give your dentist a visit. You might need the procedure of scaling or root planning in order to get your teeth back to its good shape. Once you are done with the procedure of root planning and scaling, you need to make sure you take better care of your teeth.