Cheap Metal Pipes vs. Cheap Glass Pipes

If you’re looking for something that you can get a quick and easy session out of without the hassle of rolling up a joint in the privacy of a bathroom, then pipes are a pretty solid choice if you’re really not into vaporizing. Cheap metal pipes and cheap glass pipes are both pretty damn common when it comes to high school youngsters trying to get blazed before their next period, but even a lot of adults keep a pipe or two around the house for a quick puff when they don’t have time to devote to a whole joint. If you’ve ever looked through the glass display cases at head shops near you, or even some corner stores for that matter, you’ve seen just how many options there are to choose from when buying a cheap pipe of any kind. If you’re not sure of what to get between a metal one or a glass one, this article will make your choice a bit simpler. Wood and ceramic pipes exist as well but wood is more of a novelty than anything, and is a huge hassle to clean and it often gets clogged up and really stinky if not cleaned regularly. Ceramic is a pretty popular choice for cool and creative pipes and it’s pretty on par with the qualities of a glass pipe as well, so for the sake of this article you can consider all cheap glass pipes as ceramic ones as well, but keep in mind ceramic ones are usually a bit more expensive since they;’re generally handmade.

So why get a metal pipe instead of a glass one? Well, the most obvious answer is so it won’t break easily. Of course metal won’t have the potential to shatter from a fall of just a few feet like glass does. The only thing you sacrifice for that security is some flavor, but mostly the natural cooling that glass provides. Heat dissipates much more easily through glass into the outside air than is the case with metal. When smoking a metal pipe, the heat of the smoke can be much more irritating for your throat, and also if you have a pretty long session going with a buddy, you might notice that it gets pretty damn annoying when the pipe becomes hard to hold onto because it’s hot to the touch.

At the end of the day it’s all subjective and you’ve gotta decide what’s more important to you, but there’s a brief explanation of the difference for you to base your decision off of.