Clear Up aligners: invisible revolution in orthodontic treatment

Although more and more people wear orthodontic braces, there are some who are ashamed of them. Is there any other way to straight teeth? The solution comes with the development of technology – invisible and removable silicone braces.

Invisible overlays instead of arches and ligatures

Uneven teeth are not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health problem. It can lead to headaches, eyes aches, neck pains, teeth grinding, their loss or even posture defects. However, many people with the problem of malocclusion do not take up the subject of orthodontic treatment or postpone it in time. Reason? Fixed orthodontic braces are for them still synonymous with discomfort in social and professional situations.

Persons for whom a permanent braces are unacceptable have an alternative – the so-called aligners successfully used on an increasing scale in the treatment of malocclusion. The most popular devices of this type are Clear Aligner and Invisalign systems, which are diametrically different from the commonly used devices in that they do not have arches, ligatures and locks, and occur in the form of silicone overlays.

How does the treatment look like?

The system is fully computerised. The software allows you to set up a treatment plan before the start of the treatment and personalize the therapy.

– The consultation visit starts with X-ray diagnostics and the establishment of the treatment plan.  Then, the dentist, on the basis of the computer visualization of the patient’s dentition, prepares not a single overlay, but a set of aligners to be worn during specific stages of treatment in a longer period of time. They are adjusted to a specific occlusion defect, and subsequent pairs are modelled on the basis of a computer forecast, so you do not have to visit so often – emphasizes the specialist from

Inspection visits at the orthodontist are less frequent than in the case of traditional treatment, i.e. they can take place even every few months, in some cases even every 6 months and longer.

Advantages of Clear Up aligners

  • no failure, damage, risk of injury (e.g. detachment of the lock or exposure of the wire) – possible with fixed lingual braces, where arches and buckles are present.
  • easier device hygiene – the Clear aligners braces should be washed with a normal toothbrush and rinsed in lukewarm water, while for accurate cleaning of teeth in fixed braces we need a set of devices: a special brush with a profiled groove, cut-outs, orthodontic thread with specially hardened tips, special mouthwash fluids, etc.
  • compatibility with other dental procedures – prosthetic procedures, dental implants and teeth treatment can be performed during the therapy.
  • autonomy of operation – the Clear aligner system does not need any additional anchorage, braces on the palate or under the tongue.